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Shoes and Toes! Oh My!

Shoes are a pretty big deal to most of us. It depends on what you like – whether it’s got a lot of bling, high heel or built up or even just plain flat, bottom line is, you want it to be comfortable. You’ll be standing in them for most of the day. I know how important this is but I also know how much it can hurt if you don’t know better. So I thought I’ll let you in on my experience with shoes. 

You’ll be on your feet for at least 2 1/2 hours straight before you can really sit down. I’ve seen some brides in a lot of pain before because their shoes were slowly killing their feet. I felt soooo sorry for them. Their shoes looked spectacular and I totally get why they were chosen. So here’s what you can do to make it easier on your feet.  

Buy your shoes long before the wedding day and walk in them once a day

This will help stretch it out a bit and mold around your feet much better. You don’t have to go to town with them, just take them for a walk around the house.  

Bring a second pair for walking

If you have sophisticated shoes that don’t want to be walked in that much, you could always bring a long a second pair of shoes that is made for walking and dancing. If shoes are going to show in your photos, swap them out for the main pair and no one will know you had a different pair of shoes on. Your feet will be grateful 🙂 

Remember to share this info with your bridesmaids. They’ll be forever grateful. 🙂