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Choosing your Wedding Suppliers carefully


It’s obvious right. Especially when it comes to photography. That’s why you are willing to pay that money to a photographer that’s got the right gear, a lot of experience and know-how and will give you photographs that you will cherish forever. But here’s the thing. No photographer is a miracle worker. They can try their best to fix things but that’s only on photos. They will probably charge you an additional fee to do particular type of photography – like replacing hair do’s. I kid you not, this happens!

So my dear bride. I want you to feel like a princess on your big day, not just look like one in your photos. When you select other suppliers, make sure they can do an amazing job and that they are the ones servicing you on your big day. You might be super happy with your trails with what that specific person did for you, but how will you know that when your big day comes and another person is there to service you that they will completely understand what you wanted, liked and approved? Your trail is not just about figuring out a look, it’s to make sure that the person doing it, can get the same result on your big day. You agree?

So here’s a few scenarios of things that could go wrong – and turn your big day into a nightmare not just for you but for your photographer afterwards.
Hairdresser. There are many good ones out there, but what if different stylists work on you from the one that did your trail. What if the second one misunderstood what you wanted? You are way too polite to start an argument on your wedding day, so you will leave (well, most of us will just leave right?). Well, you don’t want to cause delays and then another bride will be late. It’s not your fault but you will still feel awful. So now you go back to get dressed – half in tears and your friends that loves you to bits will do everything and anything to help you fix it. Unfortunately if you try and change hair the way it was supposed to be, it’s going to fall apart pretty soon – unless you start completely over and to be honest, you might not have time on your side anyway. You don’t want to be late for your own wedding because a hairdresser failed you right? So the next best hope is where the photographer have to come and ‘fix’ it. Hair is very fine and it takes hours to edit one photo – if it can be fixed. Not everything can be fixed unfortunately. Your wedding could consist over 500 photos…

Here’s another scenario. Make-up. You hire your friend that’s a make-up artist in training. Maybe you are not so fussed about make-up, so your friend will do a better job than you anyway, right? But I promise you, no one likes make-up to run, leave lines or look patchy. The worst is if cheap make-up is used. This type of make-up have a certain crystal in it that reflects when light bounces off it. So you could look like a ghost in your photos. Sometimes external light is used especially if the light conditions around you aren’t ideal. Is this the photographer’s fault that your face started to glow when light is introduced? Well, they can fix it, but it eats up a lot of extra time. What about the photos your friends took? Your official photographer isn’t going to edit those as well. So be careful what you do to your pretty face on your big day.

One last scenario. Clothes and shoes. How can you go wrong right? I promise you, I’ve seen this go wrong way to many times. My heart brakes for my brides when I see this go wrong – especially when those same things that is supposed to make you sparkle turn into slow torturing weapons. Shoes is the biggest cause of massive feet pain. I’ve seen shoes that look incredible. It’s art by itself. Sculptures even! But the reality is, it’s just not comfortable to walk in let alone stand in. Maybe over time they would be. Remember my dear, you will be on your feet for at least 3 hours with no brake in those shoe sculptures. Usually if the shoes aren’t made for walking, you’ll be begging to take them off in the first 1/2 hour. I strongly recommend that you buy them around 5 months before the wedding and walk in them for an hour a day or so to make sure they mould properly around your feet. Just walk in them while you are at home. You don’t want to scuff them either. If they are complicated and that’s exactly what you want, then perhaps bring a second pair of shoes along that you can wear during your photo shoot. A lot of walking happens during this time. I promise you, you will be thankful you have them handy.
The other thing is the bones in your wedding dress. Make sure they sit at the right height and not turn into knives that poke your ribs. It will get so sore, you would find every breath painful. No bride deserves this kind of torture. I would recommend you have a dress-up party with just you and a few you are happy to see the dress beforehand. Especially the person that is going to do your dress up. This way you can practice getting into the dress, the do-up goes without any issue on the big day, and you can make sure nothing is going to poke you in places driving you to extreme discomfort. To be honest, the best way to make sure you get a dress that will sit well is to use a professional bridal place. Someone that specialise in wedding dresses. Be so very careful to be tempted to buy a dress online. Yes it’s cheap – but so many things can go wrong. Yes, I know of some horror stories.

Hope these scenarios will make you think a little more about making sure your big day goes without a glitch.