I remember when my daughter was about 3 years old she asked to see our wedding album. She loved dressing up and was keen to find out what I looked like as a bride. She was also aware that I was photographing other brides – or in her mind, princesses. I was rather surprised how excited she got to see all the wedding photos. She pointed to the details on my dress and how pretty I looked. Even how handsome her daddy was. I could see in her face how much our wedding photos mean to her. For days after she would tell anyone who would listen about her mommy in a beautiful wedding dress.

I always knew that photos are not just a piece of paper but memories to hold on to. Everyone will tell you that the wedding day will go by fast, so take as much in as you can. But photographs, seal those memories. Until I’d shown our wedding photos to my kids, I never realised, how much it will mean to them. I’d not just hired a photographer to document our wedding, I’d made sure memories are sealed for my generation. Memories that will be treasured forever.

I’m so happy that you are considering me to help you seal your wedding day memories. I value photography and know first hand how important good photographs are. Photographs that will last a lifetime.

Your investment includes:

• Personalized coverage
• Highly experienced photographer (16 years and over 350 weddings)
• Custom processing & enhancements
• Beautiful Slideshow to music
• USB with all wedding photographs

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